Want to attend a program in Israel but are finding expenses too high?

Are you looking to raise money to help get you to Israel so you can spend time learning about the land and all it has to offer?

Do you want to spend your gap year or attend an educational program in Israel but you are having a difficult time raising the funds to do so?

Then partner with Ezer Mizion and we will help you get there! Ezer Mizion relies on the volunteer efforts of over 20,000 volunteers to help run all of our services and departments.

We believe in you being in Israel.

Criteria to Apply

Participants must live in Canada and have graduated with a post-secondary high school diploma by program start date.
The program you are planning to attend must be located in Israel.
Participants must be attending a program, for a minimum of 1 week, and the program must include a Jewish educational component studying History, Archeology, Religion or Political Science.
A copy of your acceptance letter to the program you are attending and the course curriculum must be provided.
A minimum of $360 must be raised to begin the scholarship process.

Steps to Complete Your Application

Download the Registration Application and submit it to the Ezer Mizion Canada office via email, fax or mail.
We approve your eligibility for our scholarship program and set you up with your own personal link to our scholarship website.
You send people to your personalized website to make donations to receive a tax receipt for the maximum allowable amount.
Once your campaign closes, an independent committee will decide on your scholarship amount.
Scholarship funds will be sent directly to your program indicating that it goes towards your tuition and a letter will be sent to you informing you of your scholarship amount.

Things You Should Know


Fundraising can be done by individual or group with funds raised all going to the same educational establishment.

A minimum of $360 must be raised in order to being the scholarship process.

Ezer Mizion will work directly with any educational Israeli based program that fits the criteria.

Any account sitting dormant for more than 6 months with less than $360 will be closed with all remaining monies going toward DNA bone marrow testing for the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry.

Ezer Mizion will make every effort to contact any account holder who’s account it sitting dormant for more than 6 months with more than $360. After 30 days of the first attempt, the account will be closed and all remaining monies will go toward DNA bone marrow testing for the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry.

Once your fundraising efforts have been completed, an email must be sent to canada@ezermizion.ca indicating that you would like to have the money deposited into our scholarship fund and then begin your personal scholarship process.

All scholarships will be reviewed by our scholarship committee.

Once the review complete a letter will be sent to you confirming your scholarship amount.

A similar letter with a cheque will be sent to your program indicating that the money is to go towards your tuition.

Ezer Mizion is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit and all donation are tax deductible | Tax ID Number: 13-3660421 | Registered Charitable Number: 85064 7637 RR0001