Ezer Mizion is the home of the largest jewish bone marrow registry in the world. To date, our registry has grown to include over 900,000 potential donors and, as of June 15, 2018, has saved 2,852 lives globally.

A partnership between Ezer Mizion and the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) was instituted in 1998, giving each new army recruit the chance to swab and get their DNA sample on our registry. Each year, approximately 50,000 new recruits are added to Ezer Mizion’s registry, allowing us to grow at a rapid rate.

Our goal is to fill our registry with so many DNA samples that no person, anywhere in the world, will ever need to wait to find their lifesaving match. We aim to set up Ezer Mizion TORONTOGETHER community donor pools for $36,000 each and to encourage each member of the community to sponsor at least one test for $65. We will report to everyone who participates each time a life has been saved through our donor pool TORONTOGETHER #savingliv65

Proceeds from Our event, Shuk Machane Yehuda Visits Toronto, will go directly to pay for the processing of as many tests as possible, ultimately resulting in more bone marrow matches and more lives saved.

The Shuk is home to people of all different backgrounds and cultures, full of foods and flavours to suit every individual’s needs. Likewise, Ezer Mizion will be able to find a bone marrow match for any person, from any background, from anywhere in the world, immediately.